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new legal strategy? "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. wow, it's wednesday. it feels like a monday. feels like a tuesday. whatever it is, kids got off to school. glad to be back here. the three of us together haven't been here for how long. a long time, right? >> i know. later in the show, your son starts kindergarten. >> he did start. >> did he go through with it? sometimes you can say you know what? mom, i'm not ready. >> he's very much ready for it. that's good news. let's talk about what's going on today. president obama unveiling the latest part of his economic pitch. today it's going to happen in cleveland. it's expected to include tax cuts for businesses but not for the wealthy people of america. julie kirtz live for us in d.c. of what we can expect in the speech. good morning. >> good morning. president obama will not only lay out tax breaks and infrastructure spending to try to in the words of administration officials give the economy an upfront kick, he'll take aim at republicans
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today. he'll be in cleveland for another campaign style event like he was in milwaukee on monday. senior administration officials say mr. obama will focus today's speech on what they call the diversion paths the two parties are proposing this fall for the economy. the president will again endorse extending bush tax cuts for middle class families only. he will propose $50 billion in new infrastructure spending, $100 billion 10 year tax credit for business research done in the u.s. and $200 billion in accelerated tax breaks to encourage companies to buy property and equipment. also today, the president will directly criticize house republican leader john boehner's proposal for from his economic speech in cleveland last month. boehner, as you might remember, called on obama to fire his entire economic team. senior administration officials telling us the other side offers absolutely no hope for recovery. boehner said this week, obama's
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tax credit ideas are not bad but they missed the big picture. that excessive government spending snspen spending is not the way to go here. >> thank you very much for breaking that down for us. other headlines for this wednesday. devastating bad news in iraq this morning. two u.s. soldiers are dead. nine others hurt. when an iraqi soldier sprayed them with gunfire at an iraqi army base north of baghdad. the americans were providing security for a meeting between u.s. and iraqi commanders, the gunman was also shot dead. the two americans are the first u.s. troops to be killed in iraq since the obama administration declared combat operations officially over last week. breaking news overnight in los angeles now. where riots apparently have broken out in the streets there. protesters starting fires throwing rocks, bottles and eggs at lapd officers who returned fire with rubber bullets. several officers were hurt by the flying debris and at least 22 rioters have been arrested. why the violence?
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apparently sparked by the shooting death of a guatemalan man who was threatening officers with a switchblade. in colorado, the governor has declared a state of emergency as a massive wildfire continues to threaten more homes. 100 structures including 53 homes have been destroyed. >> uncertainty sucks. am i building a new house or cleaning my house? >> officials say the fire may have started after a car crashed into a propane tank. the september 11th memorial taking shape at ground zero with a second column expected to go up today. the first 70 foot piece of original world trade center steel went up yesterday. the columns will stand at the entrance of the memorial's museum. officials vow to have that entire memorial open by next year in time for the 10th anniversary of the terror attacks and those are your headlines this morning. >> all right. you hear about the job change that could be happening, will be happening in chicago?
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at 3 minutes after the hour, mayor daley says about 20 years is enough. i'm going to be stepping aside. in illinois we understand the mayor is more powerful than the governor. >> very powerful guy. very popular guy, once upon a time although right now, mayor daley's approval rating is at a lousy 35%. there he is yesterday with his wife maggie at his side. he made a 4 1/2 minute announcement he was going to be stepping aside, not running for re-election. people are going who will be the next mayor of the great city of chicago? could it be rahm emanuel? yeah, it could be. remember back in april when rahm said this? on charlie rose. >> one day, i'd like to run for mayor to the city of chicago. >> rahm has told many people off the record and on the record that he'd love to be mayor of
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chicago but only if mayor daley does not run for re-election. now you have the perfect timing. daley has been in office since 1989. there are a lot of people that want to be mayor of chicago, too. a lot of articles talking about how many people want to be mayor. guaranteed, we can take a bet on the couch, rahm emanuel will be leaving the white house to run for mayor in chicago. >> david axelrod will talk about that possibility coming up at 7:30 on this show. another story came out today, another high ranking official very influential on the transition team for the obama administration, he said after the election no matter how they do, they'll be soul searching and changes in the white house. so the chief of staff never said he would stick around the whole time, this could be the beginning of a big time change. >> particularly if there's a bloodbath for the democrats in november, there are going to be a whole bunch of changes. for instance, one of the people rumored to be up for the chief of staff job is the deputy chief of staff right now. if it's bad in november, it would be bad for him.
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also mentioned, valerie jarrett. >> that's who i'd put my money on. >> in fact, rahm has told, according to "the chicago sun times" this morning, rahm has told chicago associates he believes valerie will take the job as chief of staff. i think mr. emanuel has to make his decision whether or not he's going to jump into the ring in the next couple of weeks. >> let's talk about the mosque at ground zero. that imam, imam rauf in charge of building the mosque there, it's his idea. he's been gone for the last two months. remember, he was on a state department trip over to the middle east. a trip of good will that many people were worried that he possibly was raising funding for this mosque. he's written an op ed in "the new york times" and guess what? he's not backing down. he said this center will be built and one of the quotes that he uses in his op ed is saying how amazing it is that we have a christian president and jewish
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mayor of new york city, does that show a coming together of what his hopes and dreams are of the cordoba house? >> let's use those two. what about the rest of america? 70% of which says don't build it there. you already have one close there. just don't build it there. we have a problem with it. he says he'll try to win over the victims' families although many have, as you know, have hardened in their resolve against it. this is the first time we're hearing from the imam since he took his state department trip so he's coming backfiring. he is determined to build this and he says this is a place for children to play, there will be a pool and other places of people of different denominations to worship. >> sure, he said there will be a memorial to victims of september 11th in this particular mosque. >> there is one two blocks away. >> sure. exactly. it got a great big piece of steel in it yesterday. he conclusion this op ed in "the times" by saying let's commemorate the anniversary of
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9/11 by pausing to reflect, mediate and tone down the vitriol, the rhetoric that serves to strengthen the radicals and weak en our friend' beliefs in our value. >> stuffed in the middle of this op ed is the most important statement which says this. i know there will be interest in our financing so we will clearly identify all of our financial backers. all right. he's written it down now so they're going to clearly identify all the financial backers. that will take a long time and he doesn't even have the mayor's support on that because mayor bloomberg said he doesn't really care where the funding comes there. >> this guy is a confirmed slumlord, remember? look at how run down his other properties are. i don't know, a man of the cloth who is supposed to be doing things above and beyond the call of duty in worship of whoever, allah, i guess, in this case, allowing people to live with leaky roofs. allowing people to live with roaches climbing all over their apartments, refusing to abide by city ordinances, is that what we
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can expect? >> now that the imam is finally back from his big trip and, of course, today he's going -- >> we pay for it. >> he's going to be working on all his receipts. getting them in order. does this change how you feel about the mosque or community center? the cordoba house that's supposed to be build a couple of blocks away from ground zero. also, there's so many people who are for it and they say, you know, you don't like the idea of them building it down there because you are an islamaphobic. you don't like islam. it's not the fact that it is a mosque. it's you don't like muslims, essentially. well, there was a former radical imam on the hannity show last night and he addressed this very issue and had some good points. listen to this one. >> we have muslims in the military. we have two muslim congressmen on capitol hill. we have 2,000 mosques across the country. we have muslims with advanced degrees. we have muslims that are doing well. muslims that are professionals.
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businesspeople, doctors, lawyers, teachers, you name it. muslims are living the american dream in this country and for these muslims to say that there's some type of jim crow islamaphobia taking over america is obscene and offensive. >> that's his point of view. >> sure. he makes one other point in "the new york daily news" where he wrote an op ed, he said the term islamaphobia nothing but a cliche for the purpose of beating down critics. >> all right. let's talk about what's happening in the "the new yorker" magazine. >> khali shaikh mohammed as he's become known as ksm, of course, he's been sitting down in gitmo for what is it, 7 1/2 years or so. is it that long? >> it's about that. >> about that long. time goes by quick, right? remember when he was captured, that horrible picture of him, his hair was all messy. this one right here. he looks a little bit chubby. well now, take a look at how he looks.
6:11 am
apparently, he's dropped 40 pounds. take a look at the difference between 2003, 2009, 2010. obje obviously he has a much longer beard. could he be going through a make-over, an image make-over and why? >> asking for forgiveness from allah in a way. he says -- i asked for forgiveness from allah from our evil in ourselves so he seems to have some regrets, perhaps, after some of the things that he did but he clearly wants to change his image and was observed by a former pentagon person, j.d. gordon who attended all the hearings, he said that at some points that khali shaikh mohammed acts very solemn and quiet and religious and other times he acts like a clown almost to throw some people off. >> if you look at that particular image, that brand new one, there is a slight smile on this guy's face. now, keep in mind, this isn't a picture that somebody walked through and took a shot of him.
6:12 am
he's in isolation 22 hours a day. this is a picture that he has sent to relatives. and from all the other pictures, you know, he's been scowling in the past. chubby. now, he has slimmed down and as you can see has a slight smile on his face. >> he looks in real life like 2003. that's why he was named bluto in college, he was a bit of a wild man, playboy type. the problem is with his testimony, he's taking credit for schooling the shoe bomber, for the 1993 bombings, trying to assassinate the pope. trying to assassinate bill clinton. >> that's right. >> as well as danny pearl's death. >> and the mastermind of 9/11. >> but he -- i'm not sure he could have possibly have done all those things. >> he gleefully admitted all of that when his trial actually began and it was cut off in gitmo and still undecided where that trial is going to be held. the administration refuses to say it's not going to be in new york. >> it's curious he sent this particular picture out. do you think it's some sort of strategy or just -- are we
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reading too much into it? e-mail us, you know how it works. friends at >> the president claims he needs to spend more money to keep our economy from slipping into a double dip recession. dick morris says obama's latest proposals will actually kill jobs. joins us to explain. >> new video of a las vegas show lion turning on his trainer. >> oh, no! not again. the smell of home made chili whatever scents fill your household, purina tidy cats scoop helps neutralize odors in multiple cat homes... keeping your house smelling like it should. purina tidy cats scoop. keep your home smelling like home.
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>> welcome back, everyone. president obama has delivered a lot of the changes that he promised during the campaign. but it may not be the change the country was looking for. since enacting the $800 billion stimulus plan, the unemployment rate has risen to 9.6% and companies continue to shed jobs. so as the president proposes another $50 billion spending
6:17 am
plan, is he just guaranteeing a double dip recession? we're joined by dick morris, former advisor to president clinton and a fox news contributor. >> you said the key thing a minute ago, gretchen. former advisor to president clinton and a lot of people say you've switched sides, you've become more republican and so on. well, clinton understood that the solution to the recession was to cut the deficit and to balance the budget. not to extend it. and because when you borrow the money, when you do this level of spending and this level of borrowing you're first creating a massive amount of security. corporations are sitting on $800 billion in cash. it's not that we don't have enough money out there. it's that they're not willing to spend it because they're scared to death what the impact of this deficit and this debt is going to do. and secondly, you crowd everybody else out from the borrowing window so that businesses can't borrow to expand even if they wanted to.
6:18 am
>> but today, we're going to hear from president obama and undoubtedly, he is going to try to appeal to the massive voters and he's going to talk about the fact that he is going to extend the bush tax cuts for 98% of the american public. those as a couple who make under $250,000 a year. and he's not going to spend them to what deems to be the wealthy. how is that going to play? will the general public look at that and say he's looking out to us? >> there's two ways it could play. during the campaign of 2008, clearly it played effectively as class warfare. that it would go to class justice, if you will. we'd go to the 98%, not to the 2%. now, i think americans are saying wait a minute, that top 2% spends $1 out of every $3 of consumer spending in the united states so if they get their money taken away, they're not going to shop at my grocery store. >> and they create the jobs, right, dick? >> and then they're the entrepreneurs who create the
6:19 am
jobs. so i think that the american public is going to nld that this is just a method of increasing the deficit, increasing the debt, but also a way of stopping consumer demand for bailing us out of this recession. i have an article on my web site that is entitled "the stimulus finally kicks in, permanent unemployment." because at this level of deficit and this level of debt, it will create permanent unemployment. by the way, in my book "2010, take back america" i have a section predicting precisely this. and now it's precisely what's happened. it's like in the middle ages, gretchen, they used to bleed people to get rid of the evil spirits. that's what spending money to get rid of the unemployment is like. >> well, that's an analogy people may not forget. dick morris, stick around, if you will. millions of dollars are being spent on ads that support the health care overhaul. a majority of americans no longer want the health care overhaul. is this a waste of money?
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is right for you.
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>> glad you're up. some quick headlines coming your way now. in an hour, b.p. is expected to release the report on the disaster. a plane made an emergency landing at l.a.x. after a threat was found written on one of the plane's bathroom mirrors. now, back to the regular scheduled dick morris. >> yes indeed. meanwhile, today, a $2 million ad campaign touting the benefits of the new health care overhaul bill will be rolled out across
6:24 am
the country. it's part of a new health information center being funded by democrats. but with the latest poll showing support for the health care law dropping even more this past month, is this just damage control? what does it mean for democrats up for re-election in november? we continue the conversation, as brian said with dick morris. dick, i think the democrats including the president astronathought the more you learn about this thing, the more you're going to love it. that's backfired. >> right. health care is an orphan now. none of the democratic candidates running for re-election who made it law are defending it out on the stump. they're talk about oh, their opponents voted against closing the loophole that sent jobs overseas or something or they're saying oh, my opponent didn't pay taxes 100 years ago. >> right. >> or my opponent voted four times in the state legislature to raise taxes. they're running those kinds of ads and none of them are running ads saying health care reform was a good thing and i'm proud i voted for it.
6:25 am
so somebody has to make that case. so that's what the ad campaign is. but you know, $2 million, you remember austin powers in that film where the guy says, "unless i'm paid a million dollars, i'm gonna blow up the world." the president says a million bucks, ok, reaches into his wallet. well, $2 million is not a lot of money. >> yeah, you need billions and billions. not millions. >> $2 million might be a saturation campaign for montana. >> you know. but speaking about bucks, morris, or dick, here's the thing. >> call him morris. >> ok, morris. i'll be like o'reilly and call you by your last name. >> i don't know what your last name is, gretchen, i'm sorry. >> she's like cher. just gretchen works. that's all. >> anyway, my question is now that premiums, surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise. fox news alert. health insurance companies are now saying premiums are going to go up to some of the first parts of obama care, right? i thought it wouldn't cost us
6:26 am
anything more. >> they have gone up, average health insurance premium has increased by 10% since that bill was passed. from $3,900 a year to $4400 a year. the employer costs has gone up by more but the employee cost has gone up by $450 on average. so i think that, you know, obama said no tax increases on the middle class. but he didn't say premium increases. and he didn't say utility bill increases. so the fine prints get missed. >> we know about the big speech today, the president is going to be making in ohio. you know he'll be calling out john boehner specifically trying to vilify john boehner and link him with tom delay and give an idea of how much better we are with nancy pelosi. i'm back now. let me ask you in particular the president is going to be saying the bush tax cuts, forget about them, forget about extending those for those who make more
6:27 am
than $250,000, the country is not going to like that. >> yeah, i was saying in previous segment, i think that people are coming to understand that that -- that when you tax the rich, you tax the job creators and the big spenders in terms of consumer products. but i think that the main thing is that people are getting -- finally getting, finally understanding. that when you spend money and borrow the money to create jobs, you, in fact, are costing jobs. >> sure. >> because the deficit is causing companies to sit on their money. they're scared to death out there! what's health care gonna do. what's cap and trade gonna do? what are the tax increases going to do? and as a result, american corporations are sitting on $800 billion of cash. putting a little more cash out there by stimulus spending isn't going to help it. $850 isn't going to make it better. issue is you have to resolve
6:28 am
that uncertainty. that's what clinton did and that's what obama has to do. >> we have tim cane coming up and axelrod will be with us in an hour as well. always a pleasure. thanks for joining us today. >> thank you. >> have a great day. >> all right. 28 minutes after the hour. >> considered the original authority on pretty much everything. coming up the editor in chief of the farmer's almanac. what he says about the upcoming winter. >> that's not happening outside, is it? >> i hope not and the new video that shows a las vegas lion getting violent with his trainer. >> look at the female lion come over and try to control the situation. that's amazing! >> and happy birthday to alicia moore, better known as pink. the singer turns 31 years old today. [ male announcer ] sitting, waiting, hoping. that's not how successful investing is done. at e-trade it's harnessing some of the most powerful yet easy to use trading tools on the planet to help diversify, identify opportunities, take action. it's using professional grade research and your brain
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>> during his speech in milwaukee yesterday, president obama complained that republicans talk about him "like a dog." yeah, then biden got up to agree with him and obama is like, biden, sit! >> heal. >> i don't know what he's talking about with that. were you surprised by that statement? >> with the president's statement. >> president's statement from that speech which evidently he ad libbed a lot of that. >> i read somewhere on one of the blogs that -- >> ok, brian. >> i read that, perhaps it was
6:33 am
a line from a jimi hendrix song. >> yeah, i read that, too. yeah. >> yeah. >> evidently. >> why don't you google that and see if it's true. >> i'm afraid to google for a couple of days. you never know. let's get to the headlines because unfortunately, this is not something to laugh about. check out this video, dramatic video of the houses on fire. where are we talking about? this is in detroit. original fire started from a downed power line, 50-mile-per-hour winds helping the flames spread quickly. electricity nokt electricity knocked out to more than 100,000 homes and businesses. that same wind storm looking more like a dust storm at the sleeping bear sands dune. >> oh, my goodness. >> it could be one of the most brazen signs of defiance by drug cartels yet. believed to be a state detective and local police chief investigating the massacre of the 72 migrants. the group of migrants were
6:34 am
allegedly abducted and held at a ranch in a mexican border town. officials believe it is the work of the zetas drug cartel. >> meanwhile, john lennon's killer mark david chapman denied parole for the sixth time. he won't be eligible again until 2012. the parole board concern about chapman's disregard for the norms of society and the sanctity of human life. he was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison after shooting lennon outside his apartment in the dakota, nearly 30 years ago on the upper west side of manhattan. that strawberry fields is across the street from his house. >> look at this video out of las vegas. first, the lion suspiciously eyes a trainer at the m.g.m. grand and then he attacks, another trainer intervenes and so does the lioness. the trainer managed to get away. he did need some stitches in his legs but he's ok. the director says if the cat was serious, the damage to the trainer would have been a lot worst. >> oh, boy. >> i don't know how you can
6:35 am
understand if the lion is serious or not. any time it goes after anything, to me that's pretty serious. >> over to brian kilmeade and i was using a deep voice because yesterday i was a little husky. >> yeah, you were. i did notice that. i played back some of the clips from yesterday's show, america needs you and to start picking up tennis because we need great players. venus williams is the last american singles player left at the u.s. open. venus is the only american and that's female and male on the men's and women's side to reach the semifinals. that happened last night. defending champ today for venus that eliminated her sister one year ago. they have chosen tiger woods to fill an at large roster spot. one of four on the team. he is yet to win this year. he completed a divorce from his wife three weeks ago but still ranked number one in the world and finally, reggie bush will be
6:36 am
stripped of the heisman trophy award he won at usc by the end of the month. that according to a report on yahoo sports. if true, bush will become the first player in 75 years to have won the trophy and have it taken away. o.j. simpson can keep his trophy but reggie bush can't. the heisman trust responsible for the award said the report is completely false, controversy comes three months after the ncaa levied serious sanctions against the trojans much of which for the actions of reggie bush in a would-be marketing agent when was a college kid. steve was once a college kid in the early 1950's, he reflects back on that now and talks weather. >> those were the days back when we tried to get as many people in the phone booth as possible. swallowing goldfish. let's take a look at the weather, tropical storm hermine now weakening to a tropical depression after bringing floods to parts of texas. you're looking at video out of houston. look at that. storm dumped up to a foot of rain in some spots of texas. around san antonio and austin,
6:37 am
knocked out power to tens of thousands of people. as you can see, yesterday was a slow go and from the swirl today, you can see to the north of the dallas/fort worth met metroplex moving up to the great state of california and up into kansas by tomorrow. parts of the storm are moving up to northeast and in fact, going to be a little bit soggy at times this morning through portions of the big northeastern corner states much it will be dry in the northern plains. the old farmer's almanac is one of the most famous publications for things such as weather predictions, health advice, lifestyle trends and even recipes. with us now to tell us what's in store for 2011 is the old farmers almanac editor in chief judd hail who has been on this program many, many times. you've been with the old farmer's almanac for? >> 52 years nebs wednesday. >> congratulations. >> you have all sorts of stuff in there including, you know, home remedies for things like, i got seasonal allergies right now. speaking of a little huskier,
6:38 am
stuff like that, you have how to get rid of headaches. the thing people love about the old farmer's almanac are the pricks and let's start with -- we just went through hurricane earl. now we have tropical depression down in texas. what's the hurricane season look like? >> well, we predicted hurricane that would hit florida around labor day. we kind of missed it. it went out a little bit further east. and we predicted another one for the end of this month. we'll see what happens for the deep south. >> and next year, which is, you know, the almanac out now starts in november. >> right. >> so going into the next year, we're predicting pretty good hit in florida at the end of june. very early. >> ok. >> then hurricane at the end of the summer like the end of september. >> ok. that's for next year. >> next year, yeah. >> exactly. now, the old farmer's almanac, the new one, the 2011 which i got behind you, that starts in november so we're wondering about this coming winter. i understand people want to know about the snow. is it gonna be big or little? >> not as much as last year's.
6:39 am
remember the records and so forth. but we are predicting more snow than average from like southern new england owl t new england all the way down the eastern seaboard into the deep south. the dakotas. i'm saying what that map is saying. and the dakotas will have more snow than usual. and the pacific northwest, if you want to -- if you want to generalize, you can say, i usually generalize by saying it will be wintery until spring. don't. if you generalize, i would say the eastern 2/3 of the country will be a little colder than average and the western 1/3 of the country will be a little bit warmer. >> and we have a lot of -- we've got a lot of people watching down in florida and look at florida right there, cool and wet. >> particularly in january, steve. so maybe that's a month to -- well, i'm going down to january so i'll have to bring the rain gear. >> sure. ok. and mild and wet across much of texas. not just weather, i mentioned a
6:40 am
moment ago. you have tips on how to make conversation? >> well, maybe you were thinking of this woman that was telling us the reason she was married four times. >> really? >> yeah. her first husband was a banker, her second husband was a circus executive. >> right. >> her third husband was an attorney. and her fourth husband ran a funeral home. >> ok. >> and she says why was all these -- she said well, the first being the banker, one for the money. the circus one, two for the show. three, the attorney, three to get ready. and four, the mortician to go. >> i don't know if it's true. that's what she said. >> it is the 219th time you guys have put out the old farmer's almanac. judd, it is always a pleasure. thank you for having me. >> for me, too. >> all right. thank you very much. >> all right. meanwhile, the president of the united states is working hard to convince the american people we need to spend more but now, even
6:41 am
those on the left say the federal government is failing the american people. stuart varney is here live, there he's coming towards studio e and he has the story in his hot little hands and then new and serious allegations against martha stewart. could the domestic diva be in trouble with the law again? that's straight ahead on "fox & friends" for this wednesday. a ln do one thing and one thing only. and those people are what i like to call wrong. metamucil is the only leading fiber supplement with psyllium,
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6:45 am
although it sounds like they're working on a deal. >> even liberal blogger arianna huffington says it's the obama administration. she said the federal government has failed the middle class with the inability to stem unemployment and home foreclosures. who thinks more stimulus spending is still the answer? >> all right, let's ask stuart varney. stuart, so many who are worried about their election and now commentators, columnists are saying it's -- they're not doing the right thing. >> there's a total split on three areas. stimulus, taxes and health care reform. i mean, it is a profound split in opinion within the administration, within the democratic party. let's start with stimulus. the left says we needed a much bigger stimulus plan 18 months ago and new trillion dollar stimulus plan now. they're pushing hard for it. the moderate democrats say no, we don't want any new spending.
6:46 am
we can't that for the voters. total split. taxes, peter orzack, former budget director and many people in the senate, democrats in the senate and democrats in the house, they want to extend all of the bush tax cuts for two years. president obama as this morning in cleveland, he will dig in his heels and say no, we've got to tax the rich come january 1st. then you have health care reform. if that's not the crown jewel of the obama administration's first year in office, what is? and democrats are now running away from it. they're not standing for re-election on health care reform plan. total split in three key areas. >> and so i guess the operative word for a democrat is to claim yourself to be a moderate right now if you -- you know, let's face it, they're all trying to get re-elected and that's going to be the important term. could unemployment, do you believe, stuart, hit 10%? >> yes. >> will that happen before the midterms? >> well, there's only one more unemployment report that comes
6:47 am
in the first week of october before the election in the first week of november. so you only have one more of these big government unemployment reports and it's not likely to go to 10% in that october report. but further on down the road, november and december, it could well go back to 10%. unless a million people drop out of the work force and literally statistically bring the unemployment rate down. unless that happens, the unemployment rate is going to go up because we're not creating enough new jobs to get it -- take account of population growth. >> stu, when the president walked up on monday and talked about we added 67,000 jobs, writes a column about it today saying wait, are you not paying attention to the fact that we lost 114,000 jobs? that's a net loss of $54,000. it's as if he doesn't think we can add. >> look, the president is fighting reality. there's an element of desperation here because in the last two weeks, we've seen
6:48 am
terrible economic news on unemployment and economic growth. the news has been very, very bad. and that's corresponded with a spiralling down in the president's poll numbers and the democrats' poll numbers so he's got to do something so it comes back into campaign mode, presses for new stimulus spending and it's a real desperate move we're in the middle of at the moment. >> all right, we will pay attention to his speech today and see if everything they're predicting is actually going to come true. thank you very much. we'll see you at 9:20 on the fox business network. >> yes, you will. >> thanks. >> as we forge ahead, two asteroids are expected to pass by the earth today, where stuart varney lives. the host of the show "physics of the impossible" i think it's -- >> thank you. >> that's what we call him. and then -- >> we all got it wrong. there he is. he's going to be with us now. >> thanks, stuart, for the help. and scientists claim they can prove the world's sexiest dance moves. really moves women can't resist? >> what?
6:49 am
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6:52 am
>> this is cool. from alien invasions to rogue robots, scenarios from your favorite science fiction films could oneay be reality and we need to be prepared. so who is testing this stuff? well, world renowned physicist and best selling author, dr. michio kaku on the science channel's "physics of the impossible." >> this is just like a monster movie from hollywood. >> just like a monster movie.
6:53 am
>> the carbon dioxide is evaporating. let's put the balloon on top and see what happens. >> ok. >> it's floating. >> it's floating right on top of the carbon dioxide, right? >> floating on top. >> yes. i guess carbon dioxide is much denser and heavier than the density of the area inside the balloon. >> you got it. if you made it big enough, let's say 2,000 feet in diameter, you could put the empire state building inside the balloon and everybody in it. >> this is insane! >> dr. michio kaku joins us to talk about his show and something that's pending. an asteroid could be hitting the earth. it's buzzing by the planet right now, right? >> even as we speak, it's making its closest approach, two as destroyeds, 50 feet across, coming in the range of our satellite, that's how close it is. on tonight's episode of sci-fi science, we break apart asteroids near impacts. >> could we?
6:54 am
can we stop an asteroid from slamming into this plan snet>> yes, we just call bruce willis. >> right now, no. the space shuttle can't reach these asteroids but in the future, in the program, we talk about what it would take to actually blow these asteroids out of the way. we don't want to like blow them up. then we have a lot of mini asteroids coming at us which is even worse. the bruce willis solution is a no go. with laser beams, we can deflect these things in deep space. >> that's cool. a moment ago, doctor, we saw a balloon getting bigger and bigger and bigger, what movie theme were you taking to explore whether or not it was possible? >> think of "star wars" we have the city floating in the sky or flash gordon or any number of stories, you look up and there's a city floating up there. "star trek" had a whole episode based on that. we talk about how we can do this on the planet venus. venus has an atmosphere of carbon dioxide and it wouldn't take much to float a city on
6:55 am
venus. >> is it true, brian, this is quote, can robots take over the world? and i don't have an answer for him. i pretend i can't hear him. what should i tell him? >> if you look at some of our friends, maybe the robots have already taken over the world. no, we believe by mid century, late 21st century, robots will be as smart as a dog, cat, maybe a monkey. at that point, they could be dangerous and put a chip in their brains to shut them off as they get murderous thoughts. or if they start to have better jokes than us. we got to shut them off. they're dangerous at that point. >> these swarm-bots as you tested out on your program, they were inspired by "star trek." auto the movie or 2001" on our moon, we could have evidence of an ancient visitation millions of years ago. remember that gigantic obolisque on the moon, that's part of the swarm bot. at the end of the movie, they reveal hundreds of these things hovering around jupiter. that's the best way to explore the galaxy. sending captain kirk on the enterprise is the stupidest way
6:56 am
to explore the galaxy. planet by planet, it would take him forever. >> right. >> put him on boston common. >> better to shoot millions of these swarm bots to land on moons like in 2001. >> interesting idea. thank you very much for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> when a great idea for a show and a series. hey, i got to tell you, also, what's coming up, by the way, you can catch the sci-fi science "physics of the impossible" that show every wednesday night. judging by the ratings a lot of people knew that. straight ahead. >> today, the president of the united states will ask people to side with him and support more stimulus spending. will fellow democrats follow him? tim cane, the former governor -- the governor of virginia and the head. d.n.c. joins us at the top of the hour with his take. nightte nasal congestion meant, i couldn't breathe right.
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7:00 am
today. today, president obama will roll out his plan to save the economy. it will include tax breaks for some. tax hikes for another and another $50 billion in spending. live report of what else to expect next. >> the democrats' popularity keeps slipping and sliding as well. more americans want republicans in power in washington. but do the democrats seem concerned? we'll talk to that man, d.n.c. chair tim cane. he is live and with us in about two minutes. >> he looks exactly like he does over there. men everywhere rejoice. no longer do we have to wonder which moves from our arsenal of dance moves are going to work for us. science has done it for us. the sexy moves women just can't resist. women, i should say. more than one woman. >> problem is that's not a guy. >> how do you know? woman's hair -- >> it's not a guy to me. >> i will say this, woman love the bump. i know that for sure.
7:01 am
"fox & friends" starts right now. >> live from new york city, look who is coming up in the next two hours right here on "fox & friends." screen left. david axelrod, special advisor to the president of the united states. dana perino, former press secretary to george w. bush will be here on the couch as well. >> general ray orderno will be here talking about where he go from there in that country and more and judge judy will be here and judge judy will meet joe montana to close the show. we'll see how they get along. >> live guy in the studio as well. tim kaine, former governor of the commonwealth of virginia, you can be he's ready to walk over here right now. >> ready, governor? >> excited about the couch. >> he's in the on-deck circle coming up in two minutes after the news. >> we start with some headlines and this story, unfortunately. two u.s. soldiers have died and nine others are hurt now when an iraqi special forces soldier sprayed them with gunfire at an iraqi army base north of baghdad. the americans were providing security. there was a meeting, apparently,
7:02 am
going to take place between u.s. and iraqi commanders. the gunman was shot dead but the two americans are the first u.s. troops to be killed in iraq since the obama administration declared combat operations officially over last week. dramatic video now of alleged terrorists practicing to shoot down planes. and blow up a synagogue. the tape was played at the federal trial of four suspects accused of scheming to shoot down planes at the air national guard base in new york and blow up synagogues in the bronx. you can see one of the men testing a shoulder missile launcher. the video taken during a meeting in 2009 at a warehouse in connecticut. the weapon, a fake supply by the f.b.i. at the end of the tape, three of the suspects bow their heads in prayer. >> breaking news from l.a. overnight, rioting in the streets. protesters are starting fires throwing bottles and eggs at lapd officers. several officers were hurt by the flying debris and at least 22 rioters have been arrested.
7:03 am
violence sparked by the shooting death of a guatemalan man threatening officers with a switchblade. ronald reagan's life story is coming to the big screen. nobody has been cast to play the president just yet. the movie due out late next year. the movie titled "reagan" has a $30 million budget and being produced by rawhide pictures. rawhide was president reagan's secret service code name. didn't know that. >> uh-huh. >> all right. meanwhile, president obama continues his big economic push today unveiling the latest part of his pitch in cleveland. expected to include tax cuts for the middle class and if you are considered wealthy or successful, expected to take aim at house minority leader john boehner. >> julie kirtz live in washington, d.c. with the details. hey, julie. >> hey, guys. previewing today's speech by the president, senior administration officials say his plan is not stimulus, too so they say not a repeat of last year's mega
7:04 am
billion dollar spending package as he gets set to make another campaign style appearance on the economy, this time in cleveland, president clinton will lay out three smaller proposals to jump-start the economy and take aim at republicans who he'll say offer no hope for recovery and endorse spending bush tax cuts for the middle class only and propose $50 billion in new infrastructure structure, a $100 billion tax credit for research done in the u.s. and $200 billion in accelerated tax breaks to encourage companies to buy property and equipment and today, the president will use the location to directly criticize house republican leader john boehner's proposal outlined in his speech from cleveland last month and he'll again blame republicans for repeatedly blocking his economic proposals. by the way, senate republican leader mitch mcconnell out with a statement saying obama is not only rejecting compromise but
7:05 am
insisting on a tax hike next year for many small business owners. >> thank you very much. let's use the judge judy card for tim kaine. >> oh! >> ie >> i'm going to use the joe montana -- >> if i get to meet joe montana, i'll come back in a half-hour. we heard the breakdown and the big thing that people are talking about today he's going to announce those tax cuts for 98% of america but not for the top 2% wage earners. do you agree with that? because even a lot of democrats right now, governor, are saying hey, we probably should be -- even the budget director who is leaving saying we should extend the tax cuts. >> and alan greenspan says we shouldn't. he says i like tax cuts. you shouldn't borrow money from the chinese to finance tax cuts, do them in a way that's going to create deficit problems. i'm kind of where john mccain was in 2003, 2004, he voted against the bush tax cuts because he felt like they weren't targeted to the middle class. if you target them at the middle class, they're more likely to be spent and they're more likely to
7:06 am
create economic activity so tax cuts is important aspect of it but trying to accelerate the recovery is an important part to it. >> when you have tax cuts that resulted in 47 months of economic growth, don't you think it's successful? >> if the tax cuts had been successful, the tax cuts that are due to expire in the end of the year, i don't know if we would have spiralled into the massive recession where we had a recession and massive deficits at the same time. i think the notion of targeting them makes sense. you can target them again at middle class and at small businesses. there have been eight small business tax cuts already but the plan that the president is laying out which includes the bill that has passed the house that's pending in the senate right now being filibustered is additional tax cuts on research and development, on expensing certain times and importantly, no capital gains taxes for small and startup businesses which is great to kind of, again,
7:07 am
accelerate the recovery. >> right. yesterday, we were talking about how the president was out in milwaukee at labor fest 2010 announcing $50 billion worth of infrastructure stuff although it doesn't sound like it's going to create any jobs very -- before november and when you look at the -- we got a poll out that shows when given the choice, americans would prefer at this point to see a republican elected over a democrat at congress. you're in charge. d.n.c., you got are in a pickle. there are a lot of americans who feel that you guys just don't know what you're doing. >> yeah. >> you're in control. >> there's some, look at all those polls, what they say about republicans, it's even worse. no one is happy because the economy isn't where we want it to be. the economy that's shrinking is now growing. we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. private sector has added jobs for the last eight months. we all agree it was shrinking. it's growing again. but it's got to grow faster. how do you make that happen? i think the most immediate thing that could happen is this bill
7:08 am
that's pending in the senate right now to give small businesses both lending ability because small businesses are having a hard time getting credit and tax cuts so look, it's tough but if i had believed polls right after labor day, i wouldn't have been governor and president obama wouldn't have been president. and so we had 60 days of hard work. >> not just republicans holding up that bill in the senate. there are moderate democrats who do not want to spend anymore money at all. >> well, but this is a bill that's no deficit effect. they figured out a way to do this by taking unused -- some unused stimulus dollars and others for that $50 billion in spending. there's no deficit effect on this bill. that's why the consumer banks association and others are saying it's the right bill. >> harry reid won't endorse it. >> no, i think he's going to call a vote on it as soon as he gets back. >> he said this is something -- only thing he did go on the record saying we won't do anything without republican support this time. >> i think you're going to see a vote on this one because i think it's important for people to
7:09 am
declare, you know, where they were in terms of small business success. >> we have a pollster on our program a lot, his name is doug schone, he is a democrat and actually mentioned you last night on the bill o'reilly show. you want to get the sound bite? >> good. did he get my name right? >> stand by. here he is last night. >> i would absolutely reject tim kaine's advice. what i would do is run away from the administration. run away from nancy pelosi. run away from harry reid. and say that i'm a fiscally conservative, independent democrat who wants to cut spending, balance the budget, reduce the debt and eliminate the deficit. >> there he is last night talking about democrats who are running for office. >> gosh. >> and his advice. he said don't listen to you. run away from the president. run away from the incumbents. >> i agee with him on half of what he said. i don't think you get anywhere in life running away from where you are. put a d after your name, we're happy warriors. we've done good things. i do agree with him.
7:10 am
say i'm fiscally responsible. that's why i supported the president's bipartisan deficit commission and i can't believe the republicans tried to block it. that's what he should stay. >> only problem is there's a lot of people in america now that don't like to see the d after people's names and some of the policies that they stand for including -- >> but the republican numbers are even lower. >> i want to get your thoughts about governor ed rendell. he's a fellow governor. you know him well. you'll see him later today. he continues to say things about the president but sounds like he's not really his champion. he's saying the president getting personal today to talk about the fact that his mom was on food stamps at one point and all that. he says this ironically, the best communicator i've seen in a campaign has turned out to being not so good at getting out the message as president. he's been sorely out spun on the stimulus. what would you say to governor rendell today? >> in terms of who is better at spin, i have to get it to the other side. they're good at spin. issue for the president isn't spin. it's trying to get out of the worst recession since the 1930's. solve two wars that were open ended blank checks when he walked in the door and gretchen, i go back to this.
7:11 am
we won't get out of it overnight. we have to take an economy that's shrinking and get it growing again. it is. we have to get it to grow stronger. >> this guy on his side? >> what he's saying? he's saying you're being outspun. spin is not one universe. there's another universe which is the substance of doing the job people put you to do. a lot of choices right now are not easy ones and not all immediately popular. i was a governor during the worst recession since the 1930's, anybody doing this job right now is faced with some tough choices but you can't just worry too much about the spin and the polls. you have to try to do what you think is right. >> larry sabado says you'll lose about 47 seats now. charlie cook says you're going to lose 40 seats right now. >> a couple of things. if you ask people what they think about republicans in congress, their actually polling is even worse than democrats in congress. people aren't happy generally right now. gallup poll came out yesterday that showed the generic ballot even. what i would say about prognosticators is look, when they're good, they end up with like ty cobb's batting average
7:12 am
of .385. larry said i wasn't going to be governor and president obama wasn't going to win virginia's electoral votes. it's a tough climate, brian. it's a tough climate but we feel like we have a good field operation. we've shown in special elections when the pollsters say it's going to go bad for us, our people actually turn out. that's where we're focusing on that. >> how responsible is the -- since 2006, the economy is not as strong as the previous six years. that's when the democrats took the house and the senate. how responsible do you feel your party is? >> well, i really think that the turn around began with president obama's election. again, it was -- it was shrinking in a dramatic way. you guys know how close we were actually to a financial collapse and not only banks but the auto industry in america was about to collapse. auto industry is hiring people again for the first time in 10 years making tomorrow's cars not yesterday's cars. so we are climbing out of this. it's going to take a while. my message today in philadelphia when i'm with ed rendell is let's keep climbing for gosh
7:13 am
sakes and not go back to the policies that put us in the ditch. >> you might tell governor rendell to pipe down a little bit. ok. good to see you on the couch. thanks. >> all right. straight ahead, we just heard what governor tim kaine said about the plan to spend $50 billion on infrastructure for our planes, trains and automobiles. is the best way to create jobs? a political panel standing by right over there. look at those guys. they're coming up next, governor. >> what's he smiling for? the mastermind behind the september 11th attacks? well, he's gotten a bit of an image make-over. does he want you to see his softer side? his thinner side as well.
7:14 am
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and then there's most complete, like what you get from centrum ultra men's, the most complete multivitamin for women. it has vitamin d, which emergin science suggests supports breast health, and calcium for bo health. centrum ultra women's. >> i am announcing a new plan
7:17 am
for rebuilding and modernizing america's roads and rails and runways for the long term. i want america to have the best infrastructure in the world! >> we all do. and president obama wants to boost our infrastructure now by spending another $50 billion to do so. but is spending more money going to create more jobs and fix the economy? joining us right now on the panel is christopher metzler, professor at georgetown university of continuing studies. howard gamble-clark, former senior intelligence officer for homeland security and author of "revolt against al-qaida" and fox news contributor linda chavez. good morning to all of you. linda, ladies first. so the president of the united states announced a day before yesterday about $50 billion more, he's going to get the money from drilling companies and oil companies and stuff like that to put into our roads. we still have a bunch of stimulus money. we didn't spend from the first
7:18 am
$780 billion. why not use that? >> that's exactly right. we have almost a trillion dollars that we supposedly put out there. it did nothing. unemployment continued to rise and the problem is the president really seems to believe that washington creates jobs. washington does not create jobs. small businesses create jobs. big businesses create jobs. and you stimulate that by making sure that the taxes are low and people can spend more of their own money and that's exactly the opposite of what this president is planning to do. >> chris, you're nodding. you got a job in washington. created one job for you. but when you look at the pickle we're in right now, it doesn't seem like washington knows what they're doing. >> no, i mean, i think linda is absolutely right. the job in washington is not to create jobs, it certainly is not. if we look at what was supposedly spent on this infrastructure package last time, there are a lot of really great signs on amtrak but the trains still don't run on time. so if what we're talking about is stimulating the economy, this is not the way to do it. it's a short-term solution
7:19 am
that's not going to end up in the kind of jobs we want to get. >> is it going to boost morale for some people? sure, is it going to get jobs for some people in the short run? sure. is it going to get us out of this economic recession? absolutely not. >> it's interesting. we were talking about what the president said a day before yesterday in milwaukee yesterday on this program, he said it's going to immediately create jobs. one of his senior advisors was on the phone saying this is not going to be creating any jobs immediately. probably next year. ultimately, the jobs they're worried about are democrats' jobs come the midterm. >> that's exactly right. they are talking about road building and that sort of thing, the reason they're doing that is a lot of those jobs are union jobs and they pay prevailing wages under the davis bacon law. they're trying to reward their base. they're hoping to turn out a big union vote. that's really their only hope. >> sure, all right. we'll continue the conversation on the curvy couch. the panel sticks around for
7:20 am
this, the president's decision not to attend the september 11th memorial at the world trade center for the second year in a row. does that sound the correct message? we'll talk about that. and tragedy on a school football field just days before classes begin. a mysterious death and the investigation straight ahead on "fox & friends." i see a lot of teeth that look great...
7:21 am
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7:23 am
>> welcome back. for the second straight year, president obama will not be at ground zero in new york on the anniversary of september 11th. >> the president will attend a memorial service at the pentagon. i believe the vice president will go to new york and obviously, the first lady and former first lady laura bush are in pennsylvania. >> so does not paying a visit
7:24 am
to new york to pay his respects send a negative message to americans? what's up with that? we're continuing the conversation with our political panel. professor, why do you think the president of the united states is not coming up to ground zero? >> well, there are two issues. one, i think he's nationalized the mosque issue. i don't think he wants to face the protest. i think there's an issue of the theme emerging with this president which is a lack of leadership. look, we didn't elect biden president. as a matter of fact, he dropped out of the race. why is he doing these things that are considered to be presidential? the president had enough time to go and stump for the olympics but can't show up at ground zero. it's an amtrak ride away. >> i don't think i'd bring up the olympics. didn't work out so well for him. >> the president will be at the pentagon. >> i'm glad he's going to honour the day but the fact is he's really tone deaf on this. this is very important to the american people. he manages to bring michelle up here for date night but he can't
7:25 am
get to new york city to honor 3,000 dead americans? i think that there is really -- whoever is giving him political advice, i'll tell you, when i worked for president reagan, he understood what kind of message a picture sent and not to have him there at ground zero, i think, is a terrible, terrible message. >> i know you've thought about al-qaida and those evil forces at play on september 11th because you've come out with your second book on al-qaida. what do you think about this decision? >> i have to disagree with the other panelists. i don't think it's a failure of leadership at all. actually, you know, to some degree, we have to take a lesson from the brits and on july 7, 2005, they had trains, they had buses running the same day. and so why it's very important to remember all those that were lost in this horrible tragedy in this huge mass murder, at the same time, we also as a nation, including the leadership need to remember those that are the lost souls but also move on. i don't necessarily -- i think this is a day of rememberance
7:26 am
and i think even for our top leaders, certainly, but showing up to 9/11, i don't think it's required. especially with everything that's going on in the world today. >> yeah. >> iraq. >> and professor here, chris brought up the fact that the president has injected himself into the mosque issue which is two blocks away. and that would be, you know, as they would say in washington, that would be a very unfortunate optic on that particular day. >> optic. >> a bunch of signs. >> won't be good optics on that particular day. >> and probably, if he were to show up, his instinct would be to give us a lecture on the first amendment and religious freedom and that probably would send yet another bad message. >> all right, we'll have to end it there for today. excellent panel wouldn't you say, folks? thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. >> all right. if you have -- ok, this is not a confession. but maybe once or twice, i've felt a little awkward out on the dance floor if i haven't been drinking. you won't want to miss this, guys. a scientist has determined the moves that women apparently
7:27 am
think are appealing and can't resist. and rumors are swirling this morning that white house chief of staff rahm emanuel right there could be quitting the white house so who would take over if he runs for mayor of chicago? we'll talk to one of president obama's top advisors, david axelrod is with us live next. plus you still have a terrific big show in the final 90 minutes, dana perino and general ray ordenero and judge judy, joe montana. vo: what is the good egg project? vo: it's america's egg farmers who feed millions in need... vo:'s families who are active in their communities... ...and it's kids who learn the value of nritious foods. clint hickman: go to
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and another reason why a chevy's a chevy. >> tomorrow in cleveland, president obama will be laying out a new economic plan. you know what that means? apparently we have an old economic plan. >> it's working out for you. shortly we'll have david axelrod to talk about the big speech today in ohio. >> political advisor to the president. in meantime, a couple of quick headlines for you because the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks trying to improve his public image. khali shaikh mohammed sent pictures from his prison cell at gitmo to relatives and as you can see now, look at the change from 2003 to 2010. faces become thinner particularly in past year as he's lost apparently 40 pounds.
7:32 am
muhammad is a self-confessed terrorist who bragged about planning the september 11th attacks. >> meanwhile, the september 11st memorial taking shape at ground zero. second steel column will go up later today in lower manhattan. it's about 70 feet tall made from the original world trade center building. the two will stand at the entrance of the memorial's museum. officials vow to have the entire memorial open by next year. exactly 10 years after the worst terrorist attack on american soil. >> a tragic story out of orlando, florida this morning. a high school football player passes away after collapsing on the field during practice. 15-year-old louis oliver wasn't suffering from any known health problems. it's not clear if dehydration was a factor. a spokeswoman for the high school says water is always available to players. >> pay close attention, guys. scientists have found out the best dance moves to impress the
7:33 am
ladies. first, do not dance like this. >> ok. >> according to the study, brian suddenly paid attention. the study is out of a university. women don't like when men use repetitive moves or just their arms. >> what about circling a woman? >> that's called square dancing. >> women like it when you dance like this. using your whole body on the dance floor. to figure it out, scientists recorded 19 men dancing with motion capture technology and then they had a group of women rate the dancing. but see, i'm still going to stick to the fact that that's not a guy. that's not a guy. let me know. twit me or e-mail me. is that a guy? look at the booty. that's not a guy. no way. >> the boot? >> personally, i'm removing myself from gender identification for at least a year. but i will say, it seems like a male with great flexibility who has professional training. i think i can count on one hand somebody who can dance that well even without ears and hair and eyes. do you ever -- have you seen a
7:34 am
guy dance that well at a club? >> exactly right. well it's a computer model. who knows? anyway, moving on. >> what about the hustle? is that still a turn-on? >> i'm going to go with you. >> and the bum. hip to hip, nothing atracts a woman more to get lower and lower by bumping our hips. >> all right. let's go down to the white house right now as david axelrod is joining us. mr. axelrod when it comes to you out on the dance floor, are you a bump guy or are you a hump guy? are you a watossi? >> i'm more of a bump on the log guy than anything. >> on this couch. >> i was going to say that makes three of you here, you're on the couch. i hate to get away from all the fun because we have to talk about taxes and stuff like that and the dismal economy that we find ourselves in right now. so the president is going to give this big speech today in cleveland. apparently, we know everything he's going to say, though. he's going to give tax cuts to 98% of americans, the middle class but not to everyone.
7:35 am
not the top wage earners. many people claim those are the job creators. why not, david? >> well, because frankly, we can't afford it. we do need to extend the tax cuts for the middle class, for those 98%, we've given $300 billion in tax cuts to them in the last 20 months because the middle class has suffered not just through this recession but for the last decade, we've seen wages flat line. people are struggling. we need to sustain that because we can't grow this economy without a strong vibrant middle class but we also have budgetary pressures and the question is do we have $700 billion to pay for additional tax cuts for people at the very top. more than half of those tax cuts will go to people who make more than $8 million a year. excuse me. and so we have to make some choices and some judgments. now, the tax cuts the president is going to unveil today, tax cuts who encourage investments. tax cuts to encourage innovation
7:36 am
and research, those tax cuts are ones that will help get this economy moving at a faster pace than those we want to pursue. >> sure. that's your theory. you're a strategy guy. one of your budget guys in the pages of "the new york times" yesterday said that they should extend the bush tax cuts for two years and his quote is raising taxes would "crimp consumer spending, further depressing the already inadequate demand for what firms are capable of producing at full tilt." that's what your money guy says. maybe you should listen to him. >> if you read the full piece and you go back to the top, he said his preference would be to extend the tax cuts for the middle class and let the others expire now, but he felt that we could only -- that we might be able to only pass the package if we include those. his legislative advice was we may have to include them. his economic advice was to exclude them but he's absolutely right about the tax cuts for the middle class.
7:37 am
people need money to spend and to -- to get this economy moving again. people at the top don't. they have the money to do that but certainly the middle class that's been living from paycheck to paycheck needs that tax break. >> i guess one thing he's doing as a money guy maybe might be the advice that you would give and that's the way to reach across the aisle to get republicans involved. he's identifying that as you call the money guy. why wouldn't you do something like that? >> let me tell you something, the accelerated depreciation for investment, the tax making permanent, the research and development tax credit, these are ideas that had strong republican support in the past. and so if we want to join together and compromise to move this economy forward, i would hope that the republicans would step forward and embrace these ideas that they embraced before. not walk away from it as they walked away, for example, from their own debt reduction commission. >> speaking of those republicans, we have john
7:38 am
boehner who could become the new speaker of the house if republicans sweep in november. here's what he had to say about taxes. this morning. >> if we can't deal with the deficit, we're willing to get our arms around spending and have a strong economy. you can't have strong economy if you're raising taxes on the very people that you expect to invest in our economy to begin hiring people again. >> ok. so there he is saying don't raise taxes on the most successful people in america. >> he also says we have to get a hold of the spending and then he wants to spend $700 billion on a tax cut for people who aren't asking for them, don't need them and have the money to spend. we have to focus on the priority which has to be getting the middle class moving again. we have to focus on business tax cuts that will get this economy moving again. we shouldn't borrow money for tax breaks for people who don't need them. >> a lot of people don't know
7:39 am
what that money has gone. >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear that. >> the stimulus money, a lot of people are concerned that $862 billion -- >> let me tell you where it's gone. why don't you read the congressional budget office report on that because they were very clear on where it's gone. they said it's created, that there are 3 1/2 million people working today who wouldn't be working without it. >> at what cost? >> in districts across the country. mr. boehner sent out press releases heralding projects in his district that were paid for by the recovery act. there's plenty of reading to do on this for you. >> david, do you know any candidate that's running on your stimulus program? that is saying that -- >> there's people all over the country that's running on projects that have improved their districts, that have improved roads and bridges and railways and put private construction companies to work. >> when you look at the amount of ads -- >> the renewable energy. >> no, i don't think a lot of them are running on that. >> that will create jobs. >> when you look at the ads, though, for democrats right now,
7:40 am
they're not even saying that they're democrats and for sure, they're not saying they voted for health care reform or stimulus or cap and trade. so you have to admit there's a divide in the party. >> they're not saying let's go back to the very policies that created the disaster, pete sessions, the chairman of the republican committee said on television we want to go back to the policies that were in place before the president took office. you know what? we lost four million jobs in the six months before this president took office. i don't think the american people want to go back there. >> that's a good point. people would still long for 7% unemployment or dare i say 5% unemployment. >> everybody will -- >> 50 months of economic growth and the congressional candidates running for office. jason altmire, they are running from what you've done for a year and a half. that has to be personally insulting. >> i don't take an insult. this is a very tough economy. the hole that was dug is very deep. we've had eight straight months of private sector jobs growth. it's not fast enough.
7:41 am
that's one of the things that the president is going to talk about today in proposing these additional subsidies. it's a heck of a lot better of where it was, and we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. >> let's switch gears and you're a chicago guy. yesterday, the big announcement, mayor daley is going to step aside. somebody new is going to run. that guy down the hall from you, rahm emanuel, he has said in the past his dream job will be to run for mayor if daley stepped aside. now he's doing it. what do you hear? >> look, both of us, rahm and i worked for the mayor from the very beginning and we really were stunned to hear his decision. he's a guy who is very passionate about his job. and we were happy for him because after 22 years, he deserves to move on in his life but we were stunned. rahm is an extraordinarily talented guy. he has all the skills set to be a great mayor of chicago and he has a love and passion for the city that would be helpful as
7:42 am
mayor of chicago but he also has a lot of responsibilities here and, you know, he has tough decision to make and he'll in due course make that decision. >> so if you had to hedge your bets, he'd have to make the decision the next couple of weeks and he would run for mayor,>> i am not making any bets. i really don't know. i think he's really wrestling with that. he has a very strong allegiance to the president and he understands -- he has great responsibilities to this country. so he's going to work that through. >> there's a story in one of the big papers that if he does step aside, somebody like valerie jarrett will step up to be chief of staff, maybe tom daschle, somebody like that. >> i think people are way, way ahead of them. people are way ahead of themselves. he hasn't even suggested he's leaving yet so i would not be making appointments for jobs that aren't vacant. >> i just want to go back to ohio just for a minute and to
7:43 am
whether or not president bush is in the forefront of the minds of the american public. maybe you saw that poll last week where by 50% to 42%, people in ohio would rather have president bush back. i want to make sure we ended the conversation with your response to that. >> this isn't about president bush. it's about a set of policies that the republicans in congress want to reinstitute, policies that gave free range to special interests to make their own rules. policies that took a surplus that bill clinton left and turned it into record deficits. policies that tanked our economy. our point is we can't go back there. we can't go back to the policies that created the disaster. we have to keep pushing forward, creating jobs, gaining acceleration in our recovery and that's what we're gonna do. >> david axelrod who does like to dance although as he revealed earlier, more bump on the log style. >> which made him perfect for our show. thanks a lot, david. >> thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> straight ahead, more couples are committing infidelity, financial infidelity that is. does your spouse have a secret
7:44 am
debt they're not telling you about? dave ramsey is here on how to handle it because it faces a lot of people. >> plus what's it worth? the stars of the hit show "pawn stars" here live with us with items worth over $20,000. >> there's a w in your statement. but first, the trivia question of the day -- oof!
7:45 am
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7:48 am
people should know about their spouses and significant others when it come to money and the first thing is are they a spender or a saver? >> well, absolutely. most of us marry opposites. larry burkett said if two people just alike get married, one of you is unnecessary so usually one of you is a spender and one of you is a saver. and you need to understand that early in the relationship, preferably during the time you're dating, even before the engagement happens and those kinds of things. so, you know, we really need to dig into that because in my case, i'm actually the spender and my wife is actually the natural saver. >> really? >> who would have thought? >> she should have a radio show. >> how do they react to stress? what do you mean by that? >> typically people will medicate stress in some way or another. sometimes we see it done in extreme ways with drugs or alcohol or things like that. other people buy shoes. hello! or they purchase something to feel better and so if you're going to react to stress by buying something, well, you need to know that about the
7:49 am
significant other before they become a spouse because that's going to enter into it. and it turns into this weird kind of impulsiveness, this weird kind of medication but i've actually seen people when they're behind on their house go buy a car to feel better. sounds weird but people do that stuff. >> ok. another big important thing is when should you disclose your debt to your significant other? >> well, as soon as you think this is a serious relationship. i mean, the more serious you are in your dating process, the more you need to start talking about everything in your past, everything in your life. you need to have an open book. this idea that we can go in and keep compartments, keep closets of our life closed including the financial closet closed and never open it to your spouse doesn't create the basis for a good marriage. relationships are about trust. we all know that that have been married for a while and it's about communication. you have to open up and lay all the cards down there face up. >> and follow the money. >> wait for her to be in a good mood, too. >> sure. >> dave ramsey, always in a good mood. thank. >> thanks, guys! >> straight ahead now -- >> find something in your attic
7:50 am
and you wonder, hey, what could this possibly be worth? the stars of the hit show "pawn stars" are here live with us with items worth more than $20,000. i'll be right over, guys! >> on this day in 1978, franky valley, number one hit "grease."
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> answer to the question of the day, sid caesar. winner, william from locust grove, louisiana. congratulations. well, one person's junk is another person's treasure, right? >> and old faithful high speed washer machine. >> it looks real high speed. >> in some cases, it could fetch big bucks. clean out your attic, you never know. nobody knows better than the men of the hit reality show on the history channel "pawn stars." rky harrison, cory harrison and
7:54 am
chung lee are about to kick off their third season and join us with interesting items. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start on this end. you have a gold medal, tell me about this. >> that's from the 1970 world cup. that's when brazil won. that was considered the best soccer team of all time. the last year pale was in the world cup and somehow or other, ended up in my shop. >> ok. kilmeade is a thief, first of all, but also a soccer lover. that's 15 grand that just walked out the door. thank you very much, chuck. buy my coffee with that, would you? let's move on to this beautiful artwork. this is american currency. when did we make money that looked that good? >> this was from 1896 called education money and what the government did is commissioned great works of art for people who are in rural communities that would never get to a museum to see great works of art. this is science introducing steam and electricity to
7:55 am
industry and commerce. >> who would have thunk? i asked during the commercial break, when did we start losing this beautiful work of art and you said? >> right away, politicians realized, we don't want that on the money. we want us on the money. >> let's go to the early 1900's and this has a fascinating story about who found them. >> a lady came into my shop. she found these in her mother's underwear drawer right after she had passed away. and she came into my store not expecting that they were worth a lot of money. >> how much are they worth? >> i'm asking $25,000 a piece for them. i gave her $15,000 a piece for them. >> wow. $15,000. she walked away thinking they might be worth $0.15. >> she was thinking they were worth $2,000 a piece. >> you have the coolest pawnshop anywhere. why? >> because, i'm not your normal pawnshop. normally you walk into a pawnshop, it's got like some d.v.d. players and a few things like that.
7:56 am
you walk into our pawnshop, we have picassos on the wall. we have -- i got like two rembrandts right now. i have three super bowl rings, world series ring. i have olympic medals. i have -- i did have -->> you run the gamut. >> i did have a medal from the world cup. >> brian will return it, i promise. i don't know you guys, you aren't talkative enough to have your own reality show. are they talkative enough off camera? >> wrau, they're really talkative. we have a little bit of jet lag. >> the harrison family, they're the stars of this show, thanks so much for showing the stuff for us today. coming up on the show "the times" of london claims iran is giving the taliban blood money to murder americans. then stories ripped right from the headlines. judy, judge judy here live with her rulings on real cases. [ male announcer ] you can dream of delivering leading edge i.t. solutions
7:57 am
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8:00 am
to you on wednesday, september 8, 2010. thank you for sharing part of your morning with us. the president getting ready to roll out his new plan for the economy. tax cuts for some. hikes for others and yes, more spending. a live report on what you can expect. that's moments away. >> peter: a mosque for everybody? that's the imam's latest push to build his mosque near ground zero. will changing the name change the minds of americans? former white house press secretary dana perino here to weigh in. that's minutes away. >> brian: then cameras roll as a lion -- i can't believe this footage -- turns on its trainer in las vegas. you'll see a lioness save the day. jack hannah is here. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> peter: live from studio e in rockefeller center, welcome and
8:01 am
we don't do this very often. what's going on in the green room? >> brian: total chaos. you know what happens. we've been over this. joe montana with the general and judge judy and a whole lot of stuff. out of hand, party central. there he is. >> gretchen: what did you do with judge judy? >> peter: judge judy is in there, joe montana is there. >> brian: doesn't matter. the general is there. >> gretchen: okay. here is a little trivia. what is the connection between gretchen carlson and judge judy? we'll reveal it in 30 minutes. >> brian: she sends you to hard time. >> peter: hard time? labor. >> gretchen: that's where i was over the weekend. in the meantime, we have a fox news alert. the sentence of death by stoning for a woman convicted of adultery now suspended. iranian authorities made the announcement regarding the woman
8:02 am
on state tv moments ago. the case has provoked international outrage and further strained relations between iran and the west. two u.s. soldiers are dead. nine others hurt when an iraqi soldier sprayed them with gun fire north of baghdad. the americans were providing security for a meeting between u.s. and iraqi commanders. the two americans are the first u.s. troops to be killed in iraq since the obama administration declared an end to combat operations there last week. dramatic video of alleged terrorist, they're practicing to kill americans. the tape was played at the federal trial of four men accused of plotting to shoot down planes at the international guard base in new york. then blow up synagogues in the bronks. you can see one of the men testing a shoulder missile launcher. the video was taken in 2009 during a meeting in a connecticut warehouse. the weapon, apparently a fake, supplied by the f.b.i. chicago's mayor is walking away from politics, at least in
8:03 am
the windy city. mayor richard daley surprised many by announcing he's not going to run again. after five terms. he will have served slightly longer than his father. speculation about his successor is focused on rahm emanuel. the prime marry is in february. those are your headlines. he would have to make a decision within two weeks whether or not he would run. >> brian: he needs thousands of signatures by november 22. meanwhile, president obama is unveiling the latest part of his economic pitch in cleveland today. it will be a very big speech. expected to include business tax credits, business tax cuts, also tax cuts for the middle class. mike emmanuel is live with more. so what is going to be in this speech today? is it going to be as passionate as the one on monday? >> brian, details essentially, some of the stuff we've reported this week, the president is going to lay out why he believes it is important to do this infrastructure spending which we heard some of on monday. also talking about the need for
8:04 am
research and development tax breaks for businesses and also tax breaks for businesses for major capital investment. the big question has been about the bush tax cut which is the administration has consistently been against for those making more than a quarter million dollars. here is david axelrod on the reason why. >> we can't afford it. we do need to extend the tax cuts for the middle class, for those 98%. we've given $300 billion in tax cuts to them in the last 20 months because the middle class has suffered not just through this recession, but for the last decade. we've seen wages flat line. people are struggling. we need to sustain that because we can't grow this economy. >> so essentially the president going to cleveland to make his case on how he believes we can move the economy forward. some people have questioned why these ideas so late in the game, whether that's midterm politics. the administration says it's trying to do what it can to help the economy.
8:05 am
brian. >> peter: did you just steal that sound bite from our show? >> brian: how dare you. >> it was from the show. >> brian: who gave you the vcr? >> peter: wendell goler has one. >> let me rewind it. hold on. >> peter: this morning house republican leader john boehner made news on what he wants to do about the economy. what is he saying? >> it's important to note that the president is going to cleveland to directly go after john boehner. so boehner says he wants to freeze spending two previous levels and he would like to freeze taxes to give people a little consistency. here is mr. boehner. >> why don't we pass a bill this month at 2008 spending levels, before the tarp, before the bailouts, before the stimulus, and let's put some certainty in the economy. that in and of itself would save about $100 billion this year alone. secondly, why wouldn't we work
8:06 am
together to make it clear that all current tax rates will be extended for the next two years. >> the obama white house tried to say the republicans are the party of no. there is mr. boehner laying out his ideas for moving the economy forward, guys. >> gretchen: mike, thanks very much for that preview. let's continue our discussion with somebody else in dc which is dana perino. former bush spokesperson. good to see you this morning. >> thanks, good to see you guys. >> gretchen: let us have your reaction to governor tim kane, former governor of virginia, currently the chair of the democratic national committee. he was on the curvy couch this morning. listen to this. >> well, if the tax cuts had been successful, the temporary tax cuts which are set to expire at the end of the year, i don't know that we would have spiraled into this massive recession at the beginning in early 2008 where we had a recession and massive deficits at the same time. >> brian: you want to want to that because a lot happened when
8:07 am
democrats took over in 2006. but go ahead. >> well, i think that if he had a chance to amend his words that he might have because the recession was not caused by the tax cuts. in fact, the tax cuts -- i think these are the very same tax cuts that the obama administration and the former economic advisors to the white house, at least the budget director, thinks we should extend. so if he had a chance, he probably would go back and look at the 150-dollar oil prices and increase in food prices. i don't see how people who couldn't afford those would have been better off paying higher tacks. he's mixing apples and oranges and it doesn't make for a very good salad. >> peter: apple and orange salad sounds delicious. look, they're doing what they can. they've got a terrible hand. the democrats are in a pickle. they've got to spin it any way they can. >> they're not doing what they can actually. i disagree. what they could do is what all the economists from across the board, except for maybe the far left, former enron advisor, for
8:08 am
example, who wants a bigger stimulus. everybody is saying, give businesses more certainty. don't let the taxes increase on anybody right now. this nickel and diming is not going to work. so they could be doing more, but they're choosing not to. >> gretchen: the interesting thing is do you remember maybe even as much as a year ago we were discussing that maybe president obama would be like president clinton and come to the center and govern from the center. but it's becoming more and more apparent that that's just not going to happen because this would be the ideal opportunity to do that. would it not? >> i think it's the opportunity and the time and also just from a policy standpoint, it's the right thing to do if you want to try to solve the problem. i do think that with all of the talk of whether or not rahm emanuel will run for mayor of chicago, there is a change there at the white house, perhaps you'll see the white house move right or left. however, i think that president obama has shown that his inclination is not to move to the center or to the right, that
8:09 am
he has his policy positions. he's rooted in them and he's going to go forward, regardless of what the people think. that's okay. that's his prerogative. >> brian: and he certainly used that prerogative monday when he was totally on the attack in a campaign mode reminiscent of 2008. i got to brief you of the other news, the imam is back from a state department sponsored tour of the middle east saying great things about america, we hope. he came out and said, i am not backing down from building that mosque downtown. it will be important time for us to come together. what are your thoughts? >> one, if i were his communications advisor, i think i would have told him, don't just put your op ed in the "new york times," that's where everybody would expect to find it. if you really want to reach people, find another outlet. go on -- i won't name a site so i don't get anybody advertising, but there are other ways that he could have communicated. plus when he says that it would be a mosque for all faiths, i
8:10 am
think people don't understand what that means. i understand about not commenting on this issue while he was away. but having set the cat among the pigeon, perhaps he could have curtailed his trip and tried to deal with it because now i don't think it ultimately will be built and notice in his piece he says president obama says that it's okay. that's really not what president obama said. >> peter: he was just -- then he said, i wasn't commenting on the wisdom. the imam did cite the president and the mayor of new york city, michael bloomberg, who commented on the mosque this morning. listen to this. >> if the builders want to build, they have a right to do it. if people want to suggest that they don't build it or build it elsewhere, they have a right to say that. what is clear is the government should never get involved in restricting what you can say, which includes who you can pray
8:11 am
to or where you can pray. people say, well, mike, i understand your first amendment issue, but what do you think? the answer is i'm the government. and i should not express my own views as to whether it should be or should not be built here. >> brian: i think he already did. >> gretchen: shouldn't the mayor of new york be questioning the funding of the mosque? it's getting back to apples and ons. to me, you have the right to build the mosque, but what about the funding for it? shouldn't the mayor want to know? he's gone on record as saying he doesn't care. >> well, sure he should care, pep any laws are broken and his government has a responsibility to do something. i find it strange that having been so vocal and really offending so many americans by the tone in his rhetoric that now he says he's agnostic on it. that doesn't pass the smell test. >> brian: in the past, when we've had a big story that doesn't revolve around politic, we would have to bump you from the show.
8:12 am
but little do -- >> peter: while you were on vacation in san diego, i'm sure -- >> i wasn't on vacation. i was working. >> peter: yeah, sure you were. >> i was. >> peter: you sent me a text message that said, hey, guess what? i just did the weather. and it was fun but very confusing. it would be so wrong for to us play a clip. >> but you had to say why. i was promoting my minute mentoring program. >> peter: you were. >> gretchen: let's see how you did. >> take a guess what the weather forecast is today. >> well, i saw it today at my hotel. and it's going to be cooler and it's only 68 tomorrow. i guess i'll have to go get a facial or something. [ laughter ] thank you for letting me do this. steve doocy will be so horrified that i did this. >> peter: then she sent the e-mail. >> brian: it's a great place to break into weather. you put the sun up and stand back and i think you're on the
8:13 am
money 99% of the time. >> that's the part you missed and i didn't try to be insulting, but i did say, how hard is it to do the weather in san diego? you say it's beautiful for today and the next five days. she didn't take offense 'cause she used to do the weather in seattle and did the same thing. >> gretchen: good job on that. always great to see you. have a good week. >> bye-bye. >> peter: it's going to be sunny today in san diego. >> brian: fantastic, steve. coming up straight ahead, the times of london claims iran is giving the taliban blood money to murder americans. the former commander in iraq back four days is here live with us to get his take and more. >> gretchen: judge judy is here live and she's fired up over real cases. she'll give her verdict.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> brian: a new report saying iran may be actually putting a bounty on the heads of u.s.
8:17 am
troops. in this case, it's happening in afghanistan. it's allegedly paying the taliban thousands of dollars for every american soldier they kill up to 6,000 for destroying a u.s. military vehicle along the way. what is iran's role in the war on terror? stopping us in iraq and afghanistan, a guy who had to deal with them for the past ten years, the general joins us on set. general, thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> brian: it's great to see you back. back four days, you come by here. unbelievable job in iraq. first iran, you hear the story, it can't surprise you. >> again, first iran wants to create instability. let me talk about iraq specifically. they don't want to see a strong democratic iraq. that's not in their best interest. they don't want to see iraq with a strong relationship with the united states. so they'll do whatever they can to make that a rocky relationship and that's what they attempt to do by funding and training individuals to come in and attack u.s. forces,
8:18 am
specifically in iraq. >> brian: from your knowledge, being the reason -- how true is a story like that or that story in particular? >> my guess is i would be surprised if they were that blatant saying we'll pay so much fun for each soldier. i don't think that's probably something they're doing, however, my guess is they're doing in afghanistan what they're doing in iraq, they're training, advising, they're giving money to people to conduct attacks against u.s. forces in afghanistan. my guess is they probably are doing that. >> brian: general, richard angle over for nbc came out and said, saddam hussein, we didn't have to overthrow him. he was becoming a moderate. he was beginning to be embraced by eastern europe in particular. we overthrow him and create chaos. you captured saddam hussein. was he a moderate? >> there is nothing moderate about saddam hussein. what he did to the iraqi society is absolutely devastating. it happened over 30 years.
8:19 am
iran-iraq war, sanctions, what he did to the people of iraq, they were no way going to move forward. he was involved with -- he would reach out to terrorists. he would reach out to different kinds of people. there is nothing moderate about saddam hussein and there never was anything moderate about saddam hussein. >> brian: from your professional opinion, would he have been brought into the main stream by now? >> i don't think so. here is tear rancal dictator. they're never brought into the main street. >> brian: they're found in spider holes by generals like you. we're going to ask you to stay here. your son will come out who served in iraq and working for the yankees. coming up, are we sending the wrong message to the taliban by leaving iraq too soon? plus, meet the general's son, a wounded warrior from iraq and a great guy. then, two asteroids heading close to earth. it's going to happen today.
8:20 am
what does it mean and can i stop it personally?
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> gretchen: quick headlines, overnight, dozens of homes burned to the ground in detroit. the original fire started from a downed power line. 50 mile-per-hour winds helping the flames spread. more than 100,000 homes remain without electricity this morning. grab your telescopes because two asteroids are passing by the earth today and they will be closer than the moon. the first one passed early this morning. nasa says the second one expected to pass around 5:12 p.m. eastern time. >> peter: meanwhile, two american soldiers were killed in northern iraq on tuesday when a man wearing an iraqi uniform opened fire inside an iraqi command compound. >> gretchen: they are the first
8:24 am
u.s. casualties since president obama announced the official end of u.s. combat missions in iraq last week. so some people are asking, was it too soon to leave? our general is back and also joining us is his son, retired army captain, anthony. glock to both of you. so let me pose that question to you, general. was it too soon to leave iraq? >> no. first of all, we haven't left there. there are 50,000 soldiers on the ground 'til 2011. it's the right time for them to take over responsibility. they've been -- most people don't realize is they really took full responsibility eight months ago. so this is not new. we still have 50,000 people there as they continue to take over more and more responsibility. so at the end of 2011 when we leave, they'll be in full control. it's time for them to take responsibility for this. >> peter: what do you think about changing the moniker, okay, we've ended combat operations, they're still there and two guys died yesterday. they're still shooting at us? >> i think the bottom line, i would say to alt american people
8:25 am
is that the forces that are there are more than capable of protecting themselves. they have everything they need. they have the capacity to do it. if necessary, they can do what's necessary to make sure they're safe. and will always be able to do that. but i think it's important for the iraqis, again, it's about them doing the combat. combat operations ended for u.s. forces. iraqi forces are now conducting them. we're with them every day. we're training, we're advising, we're helping them. that's where we want them to be because we want them to be self-reliant at the end of 2011. >> beth: you losts -- >> brian: but lost your arm in iraq. how much does it matter to you how this turns out and others who fought? >> i think it's important we see it through for the future of iraq and for the future of the united states. i think it's important to both countries. also like you said, all the sacrifices that were made. >> brian: 4400 and more have lost their lives there.
8:26 am
>> 4165. >> gretchen: i bet that's a number you always have at the top of your mind. >> peter: and it keeps changing. >> brian: i'm wondering to how you feel about leaving now when we had a great election pulled off where the runner up won and now there is no deal made yet. but yet we're still pulling back. would a ray crocker, would ambassador crocker have gotten this deal done before he left? >> the good thing about the election is everybody participated. north, south, east, west, sunni, shiite, kurd, first time ever. the good part was it was extremely close election. because it was so close, it's been very difficult to come up with a coalition. it would take a long time no matter who was there because it's just difficult, tough political issues. the good news is they're talking. they're not shooting at each other. >> brian: do you think the insurgency created more violence? >> i think they're trying to exploit this period of time. so what you have is you have --
8:27 am
what you have is the al-qaeda and some of these other groups who have been really decapitated in some ways are trying to regenerate themselves and bring attention to themselves during this period of uncertainty. so it's important to get the government formed. it's time for them to come to agreement. i know the ambassador is working it very hard, to have them come together on agreement and i think they can move forward. >> gretchen: i want to get your thoughts on this newsweek article. they're doing things more and more to generate all this attention towards them. this article says that the u.s. overreacted to 9-11 and that honestly these terrorist groups are little tiny tinker toy operations that really cannot inflict harm on us because we haven't had another attack. how do you respond? >> i would just say you never know what would have happened. i think terrorism is something that's growing around the world. people are choosing this in order to make a difference. i think people have to know that. everyone every -- every country in the world has to participate
8:28 am
in counterterrorism. we're helping that. we're helping to lead other countries to do this and take responsibility for themselves. i would argue that's what we're doing in iraq. >> brian: and they were wrong in saying we overreacted? >> my opinion is something should have been done. >> peter: i'd like to you do a little show and tell. we'll put a picture up on the screen. can you please tell us what's happening in this picture? there you go right there. >> that's i threw the first pitch in 2005. july 4. >> gretchen: father and son together. you were telling me that this was a little tough because you had on your military garb. >> this is easier? >> yes. it's when you wear this uniform where it's more difficult. >> gretchen: and we should mention that your son works for the yankees now. right? >> been working there about a year and a half. >> gretchen: it's so great to see the both of you together and thank you so much, both of you, for your service. america is so proud of you. >> brian: now that you're back,
8:29 am
you should come over more. can you do that? no more sorry, i'm in iraq every time we call. thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> peter: straight ahead, what's he smiling about? take a look. the mastermind behind the september 11 attacks gets a makeover. apparently he wants you to see his softer, skinnier, happier side. >> gretchen: then the cameras are rolling as a lion turns on its trainer in las vegas. jack hannah here next, exactly what he thinks happened. >> brian: a judge rules ladies night discriminates against men. what does judge judy think about that? stick around. drinks are on steve. >> peter: again? >> brian: it's wednesday.
8:30 am
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8:33 am
>> peter: take a look at this video out of las vegas. first the lion eyes a trainer at the mgm grand in vegas. then attacks. another trainer intervenes inted so does the lioness. the trainer managed to get away. he needed stitches on his leg, but otherwise he is okay. could have been a lot worse. >> brian: we've been giving our amateur version of what we think happened. it's time to bring in a real pro, live from the columbus zoo, the director of that zoo, jack hannah. jack, what do you think happened and how lucky is that trainer to be alive today? >> i think what happened is having viewed the video several
8:34 am
times, obviously, it looks like the trainer -- i'm not sure if he's new, but you see the other guy kind of come from the female and correct the male briefly. and three or four seconds after that, the lion jumps on the other fellow. as far as attack and wanting to kill him, that's not what happens. i've filmed these africas. when they attack, it's a matter of seconds, it's over in seconds. he was discouraged over something, bit him in the leg. you see the lion pursuing him until he gets out of the room there. so obviously something went wrong there as far as his attitude toward that gentleman or whatever happened is something i don't know because i don't know the details. >> gretchen: brian was the first to point out that the lioness, you probably can't see it, but she goes over to the lion, almost as if to say to the lion, hey, stop what you're doing. what's the expert opinion on this? >> all right. two things. i don't know if the animal has been neutered. i've seen animals, if she was in heat, i don't know if they've been fixed or not, if she was in
8:35 am
heat, i've seen them mount the female, get on the back of the male at times. but it seems almost she's telling him, don't do that. but the other gentleman comes over, pulls the lion off, again n pursuit. and the other big ones keep trying to pursue the other man. these animals, you must remember, i've been out there and seen this. they have a tremendous habitat, they're changed twice a day. these guys are well trained. i don't know if it's a new trainer. but it seems like something went wrong when the guy seemed to correct that lion and told him -- by the way, in the wild, the female does most of the killing. you see behind me our pride of lions. they're very social, unlike some cats that are solitaire. they're very social creatures and work with each other a lot. >> peter: but ultimately, what it comes down to, jack, is even though they're in a big show room there in vegas, these are wild animals. and they're not like your cat or your dog. they're wild animals. >> you're right. people here at the columbus zoo and 220 accredited zoos, we all know, we have safety of our
8:36 am
animals, our public first and animals. will something happen, like you and -- it's like a nascar driver or whatever it might be. everyone knows how -- i would never tell you something would never happen. that's part of what we do to educate millions of people. and in vegas, they give money to lion research, a lot of education is done. >> brian: last thing, jack, you always say, like people say if you're ever attacked by a shark, punch them in the nose. it sounds good. what do you do if you're attacked by a lion? this guy was pushing his head down. does that work? 1-800 jack hannah or what do we do? >> i had a bear encounter three weeks ago. nothing happened there. but if that ever happens, don't ever run. protect your face, neck and head first. so if your arms and legs have to get a little hurt, then that's what you do. do the best you can to protect your facial area and neck area. that's where they always go for, these big cats.
8:37 am
the back, neck and head and that's what happens in the wild when you see a kill. >> gretchen: we're so glad we could get you on for this expert opinion. apparently that gentleman had some stitches in his leg. jack hannah, thank you so much. >> nice seeing y'all. >> brian: he really knows what he's talking about. >> gretchen: i think lee can take credit for that. now your headlines, one hour ago, bp releasing its internal report on the gulf oil disaster. the report blaming bp and the rig workers for the spill. it says this. a complex and interlinked series of mechanical failures, human judgment, engineering design, operational implementation and team interfaces came together to allow the initiation and escalation of the accident. multiple companies, teams and circumstances were involved over time. >> brian: 23 minutes before the top of the hour. officials are calling it a defiance by drug cartels, like you haven't seen before. two bodies found in northern mexico. believed to be state detectives
8:38 am
and a local police chief. investigating the massacre of the 72 migrants. the group of migrants were allegedly abducted and held at a ranch in a mexican border town. officials believe it's the work of the zetas drug cartel. that's serious stuff. >> peter: the mastermind behind the september 11 attacks, trying to improve his image? remember that picture right there. khalid shaikh mohammed sent pictures from his prison cell to relatives. his face has become thinner. particularly in the past here as he lost nearly 40 pounds. he is the self-confessed terrorist who bragged about planning the september 11 attack s. let's look at what is going on in the weather on this wednesday morning. as you can see, we've got a big thunderstorm, what's left of that tropical storm, down in texas, moving into portions of the ozarks and oklahoma. you can see widely scattered stuff goes right up through the
8:39 am
northeast. and remember last week i went on a quiet cruise up to canada. that is a shot out our deck. as you notice -- >> gretchen: that's a stilt. >> peter: that is a tilt. hurricane earl kind of had us bothered a little bit. this is six hours after it was really rough. and the horizon line with the water should be the same as the deck rail. it was -- >> gretchen: if you go on your mac and download that, you can correct the tilt. >> peter: good point. >> gretchen: might make you forget any motion sickness you might have gotten. let's talk about judge judy because she delivers no nonsense. she presides over the top daytime show and court gets back in session next week when the new season starts. take a look. >> i don't think you're cute, as a matter of fact. >> i understand. >> i just want you to understand that. if you're trying to be charming with me, trust me, it's not going to work. better looking and richer people than you have tried to charm me. >> i believe it.
8:40 am
>> without success. >> i believe it. >> that didn't require a response. >> okay. >> try taking the air out of -- hair out of your eyes. you'll see the world better. >> peter: judge judy joins us live right now. come on, you thought he was cute. >> gretchen: no, i actually didn't. >> peter: what was he trying to do? was he trying to smooth talk you? >> i don't know. everybody comes on with me, comes on television whether they come on my program or they come on here or they go on a reality program with the view towards giving them that boost that -- best of celebrity. >> brian: not from you? >> there is only one celebrity on my program. >> brian: that would be you? >> that's right. >> gretchen: this is why you're the number one rated show on daytime. you are beating oprah now. >> you know, oprah had a quarter of a century run at being the top of the hill and she's on to a new adventure.
8:41 am
>> peter: she's been the queen of daytime for a long time. >> well, you know. there is something nice about still being on top of the game after 15 years. and especially for me because i started in this new medium when i was 50 plus, which is really sort of a testament to you can never know when a surprise is going to be around the corner. you have to keep your eyes open. >> brian: judge judy, can we bring some characters in the news to your courtroom here on the couch? >> you can. >> brian: let's talk about steven slater, that flight attendant who said he was fed up, so he grabbed a beer, slammed open the door and slid down -- >> peter: after telling off a passenger. >> brian: he's about to cut deal and he's in court. >> gretchen: what would you tell him? >> he's going to cut a deal. that was clear yesterday that the district attorney doesn't really believe that jail time is appropriate for him, but mental health counseling and maybe some drug rehab, you know.
8:42 am
a cocktail of things other than incarceration. >> brian: is that what judge judy says to do? >> you know, i think this guy is looking for his 15 minutes of fame. if you're fed up with your job, call in sick. >> brian: very good. >> gretchen: that story was amazing how it twisted and turned because originally it was a hero and then that wasn't true. >> media sort of moved with that ebb and flow of it until ultimately the truth was ferreted out and that is quite simply the guy had a nutty day and he probably had some issues that had to be addressed. >> brian: which we don't have time for. we all have our own issues. >> i don't want to make him any more of a celebrity. >> brian: now an issue that matters to america. ladies night was theired constitutional. antifeminist lawyer is vowing to keep the fight up to ban it 'cause it's not fair to men who want it to be their night. >> are you being serious? >> gretchen: these guys agree
8:43 am
with him. >> brian: it's a real story. >> let me ask you this question, you do what you consider serious business. you deliver news, you get information for people. it's important. why does a lawyer who really has no celebrity at all, i mean, he's not a constitutional scholar, we're not talking alan derchwitz here. not that -- he's not crazy about me. but he wants this guy -- this guy wants his 15 minutes. if you want to devote your life to something, pick on something more important. who cares about ladies night? i mean, would you sue because a bar between 4:00 o'clock to 6:00 o'clock offers free drinks and you say, well, you're labeling the unemployed as opposed to the employed. >> brian: gretchen thinks women have it too easy in society.
8:44 am
>> gretchen: no, no, no,. >> peter: this is the kind of wisdom you get on the judge judy show. kicking off this monday. >> lovely to see you. >> gretchen: coming up, president obama skipping the september 11 memorial service at ground zero for the second year in a row. instead, he'll send vice president joe biden. we'll have a discussion on that next.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> brian: for the second straight year, president obama will not be at ground zero in new york on the anniversary of 9-11. at least marking that day. it does not make -- 9-11 does not make paying a visit to pay his respects send a message? he's going to go to the pentagon he's not going to new york. is that a big deal? peter johnson, jr. is here. is that the wrong message? >> it's a disappointing message. i think it's disappointing to the country and for the president. it's a great opportunity. we have a history of engaging in
8:48 am
tributes and engaging in memorials to people who have been lost in war and now people have been lost in desperate and horrible acts of terrorism. but more than that, looking back at the gety's burg address, it's an opportunity for regeneration, an opportunity to rededicate ourselves in this country. and it's clear through the polling and through speaking to people in new york and los angeles and dallas and florida and boston that a lot of americans lost faith with this president in terms of his narrative. >> brian: you're saying if you were advising him -- >> it's an opportunity that this country must take advantage of. when we talk about the renaissance of this country, it's going on right now at the world trade center, from death and destruction and pain and blood and toil, there is new life. there is new development. so if we have an opportunity for a president to highlight that while at the same time marking
8:49 am
the lives of the people who have been lost, it sends a clear message to the american people and a clear message to the world that we mourn or loss, that we are back bigger than ever, that we are stronger than ever to not do that, to somehow be embarrassed by our loss, to somehow advocate the opportunity because he's afraid of protesters about the mosque, because he's afraid about not making the commitment to 9-11 survivors, because he's afraid that they have not been justice for the victims of 9-11, that's wrong. it's an opportunity for the president and our country should take advantage of it. he should be in new york on 9-11. it doesn't denigrate the loss. >> brian: the vice president is going to new york city. all right. thanks. we'll be here on 9-11 live. nfl quarterback joe montana is here.
8:50 am
not just to meet judge judy, but to talk to us. first let's check in with martha mccallum who grew up with joe montana. >> indeed. okay. i did. hey, brian. how are you doing? we'll talk later. good morning, everybody. the imam is speaking out, back from a two-month state department-funded trip says he's more determined than ever, in fact, to build the cordoba house and will reveal where every dollar comes from, according to him. speaking of dollars, despite calls from his former budget director, the president says no way to leaving the bush tax in gear for the top tier. all that when bill and i join you at the top of the hour.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> gretchen: the nfl season kicks off tomorrow night and there is no better way to mark opening week than with pro football hall of famer joe montana. welcome. we're joined by the neilies as
8:54 am
well. >> brian: you're going to tell us what to eat at the game. first we have to find out who will win. joe, this season i know it's not like when you were still playing the game, but as we look at what's coming up this year, the 49ers are back. are those the teams you look to make a difference? >> i think they'll make a difference in their division. i think -- >> brian: that's it. >> i don't know how much further they'll get past that. i like them. i like the way mike has them doing and they're play ago lot better. i think they'll be a bigger surprise than most people think. >> gretchen: also on your list, the new orleans saints. i love joe montana until he took the saints. >> i guess we'll see. we've got a preview coming up here real soon. we'll find out what's going to happen. >> brian: he's two years older than you. >> i'm not sure if he's really 100% ready to go. that's the only thing that makes me nervous is that he's got a little ankle issue. put on a little weight, which makes a difference.
8:55 am
but i'm just not sure if he's quite 100% yet. >> peter: you have teamed up with neelys. what is huddle to fight hunger. >> it's a way of feeding america. their object is to feed 20 million meals and all you have to do, you text anyway. we're not asking you for any money. all you have to do is text, meals, your zip code and 71717 and feeding america will make sure your local food bank gets food to feed people. who can beat that? >> peter: let's do that. >> everybody get your cell phone out and text. >> brian: this is a great cause. whose idea was it to put the grill on behind me? i'm sweating. >> get used to the heat. >> i always got a grill somewhere. even furthermore, gina and i
8:56 am
have come up with some delicious recipes on huddle to fight hunger web site, also in this huge campaign that kicks off today. >> peter: we're going to do some cooking in the after the show show. >> brian: why is it so controversial? >> one of the things you look at, everybody sees on tv, there is so much hunger around the world. we've lost sight that we actually still have it here in the united states. the numbers that we hear it's like one in six of our neighbors don't always know where their next meal is coming from. >> brian: we'll stop it one hot dog at a time. >> gretchen: the reggie bush thing, you'll give us thate opinion after the break.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> gretchen: i asked you what you thought about reggie bush. >> i think it's a little biased. if the things that happened were true, then it
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